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A puppy? not just for Christmas
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The car ride home
    • The big day arrives and you pick up your puppy.
    • Coming home will start out with a car ride. The main problem dogs have with car rides usually is not what we humans refer to as motion sickness, but simple anxiety about the vibrations, sounds, and to a lesser degree, the movement. Many dogs that have developed problems with car rides get nervous or even nauseous before the engine is even started.
    • Before you leave the breeder, take the puppy out to toilet so there are no floods or surprises stimulated by all the excitement or the ride.
    • Please keep the puppy’s stress to a minimum by keeping things relaxed and matter of fact and refrain from being too numerous to pick it up.
    • Best to be 2. The 2ndperson should offer a reassuring stroke which should not be overly dramatic just a comforting presence (equally should there be an accident – sickness /soiling – there should be NO reaction – but have some tissues ready).
    • When you get home take the puppy straight out to the garden (or toilet area) where he will probably need to go. Praise him warmly when he does this.

      Please make sure that your car is made safe proof for our dog.  This is important both for you and him.  So have a proper barrier installed (not a net) or buy the right size aluminum cage.

      You can see why in these 2 studies (do not worry the tests are done are soft toys).


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