.... Three months on, the difference is truly amazing....

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The Method - what we teach
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We need to continue to take time to FAMILIARISE our dog to his ever-changing environment.  At the same time we have to make sure we never force him to interact but give him the opportunity to observe, become more and more familiar and ultimately feel "at home" in our human world.

And if it is a puppy, Do FAMILIARISE it as soon as possible through low stress exposure to various aspects of every day life such as different surfaces, sounds and sights.  Take him/her with you in the car ... in your arms... Do this calmly and do not force anything on your puppy (eg sit in front of a school playground - not in the middle of the kids - where the pup can hear and see the kids rushing around but will not be frightened by them).  In this way, you will give your puppy a generally optmistic view of the world....and he will trust you to make the right decisions... Continue to build on a daily basis with differing positive experiences.. .  With your puppy it is important to keep these outings short - best to do say a few short outings than one "long"one... Ensure that your puppy meets as many adult "polite" dogs and pups as possible so that he can learn from them how to behave (care: do not let pups play for longer than 5 minutes, shorter if it becomes too rough).    Do this to allow your puppy to cope with our human wolrd.  If you are thinking of acquiring a puppy - please browse these pages.   

How to walk on a loose lead

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