.... Three months on, the difference is truly amazing....

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Everyday life stresses our dog - it is up to us to minimise its effect on him

Just as people can experience stress from having to cope with all sorts of situations and pressures in their daily lives, so can dogs.  Some stress is not a bad thing, in fact it motivates us to get things done i.e. knowing that we have to answer to someone at work motivates us to get things done on time. However, as we all know, when there is too much pressure, we start to suffer emotionally and physically.  The same is true for dogs.

The above dog is unable to cope with his everyday life and has gone into "shutdown".  He needs urgent helps.

Whilst the dog below is very stressed, possibly by an action his owner or another human has taken.

Join a workshop or create your own group of family or friends (max 4 people) and learn how you can help your dog cope better with our human world and reduce his stress levels. It lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours and includes all or some of my dogs in certain situations.

Should you wish to register or simply have more information, please send me an email
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