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How to live a more harmonious relationship with your dog

A series of worshops

Dogs are living breathing animals who think and have emotions.

They live in a world of sensory input: visual, olfactory and auditory perceptions. They easily perceive tiny details – a quick signal, a slight change in another’s behaviour, the expression in our eyes.  They have about 30 Calming Signals, perhaps even more that they constantly use to communicate with one and other.

Dogs use this communication system towards us humans, simply because it’s the language they know and think everyone understands. And as most of the time we humans do not, misunderstangings occur.

How do dogs learn, the adaptabilty of the brain, learned helplenssness , the importance of mental stimulation.

Join a workshop or create your own group of family or friends (max 4 people) and learn how to better understand your 4 legged friend.

An introduction to the method I use "Canine Conversation".  As I have said above, this workshop is about promoting a better understanding of your dog.  It lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours and includes all or some of my dogs in certain situations.

I take groups of up to 4 people (no young children - as this is covered in the "kids" workshop).

If your dog is very over-reacting/hyperactive or one that has gone into "shutdown", please have a look at this workshop

Should you wish to register or simply have more information, please send me an email

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