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Puppy classes - start as you wish to continue and then carry on with young dog or adolescent classes

 All too often, in "traditional classes" the pup is overwhelmed by the length of the class and of the “play sessions”; the size of the group and/or of the puppies; the tasks expected of him; the constant stimuli; not being given any break/rest periods.  He is asked or worse, forced, to do things he does not understand, etc.

By coming here, you will learn a new way to understand your puppy's needs and find out what he is trying to tell you.

This will allow you to forge a bond and develop a happy PARTNERSHIP based on LOVE, TRUST and MUTUAL respect.

All welcome - Come and join us in the garden

To help us, some of my dogs may be present

Max 4 people per class but usually less.

the class is "tailor-made" and by appointment

 and will consist of theory (about 1 1/2 hours preferably before the puppy is home) followed by some "practical" classes (less than 1 hour).

Click here to read someone's opinion (in French) 

After the puppy classes you can join us in some "young dog" classes or "adolescent" ones.

To register or ask for more information

Please email me

your contact details

your puppy's name, age and breed

and I will revert with a time and date for the class.

Prices vary and I will advise you in the email.

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