.... Our time with Marina and Els has been transformative! ...

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Tuesday 8 May

Very busy for the moment - 3 of us are leaving this week - so in the meantime here is a video link of some of us playing inthe garden this evening with Imaree (our 1/2 brother - same Dad - he is nearly 3!)... also some photos have been uploaded.

Last entry - July 2012

Puppy1070731.jpegPuppy1070732.jpegIt has been a while since there have been any updates. Marina meant to do so but something else always took precedence ... so we have now been in our new homes for 1 1/2 to 2 months and all settled well and are very happy.  You can see some photos of nearly all of us (red - Laîme now called Lou has not sent any photos Marina will go and take some of her) in our new homes.  Mum and Dad relaxing!!  

So where are we?

Lymm now GUAPA - her name starts with a G as she is going to be a helper dog for the handicapped (like the last born who was Lâme and is now GAOR) if living in her host family who is one of the DYADIS instructors

Law - now Leica - lives with a family (3 lovely young girls) in the same village as Marina - she is well and happy 

Loma - also lives with a family (3 boys and 1 girl) as well some cats, rabbits and chickens and another dog - she has settled well and is just loved to bits

Laîme - now Lou - is living with a game keeper and his wife - who just love her to bits ... when now sleeping by the aga in the kitchen she is out ruling the roost in the jeep!

Laho - is living not far from Marina with a family with 2 girls (and a 3rd one to pop out in the very near future) - she is well and happy and everyone loves her to bits 

Lâme now GAOR is the other DYADIS helper dog and she stayed with Marina as host family.

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