We learned how small adjustments could mean a big difference for our dogs....

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Thursday 19 April

Today was Freddy's last day - he is going back to uni in the UK tomorrow ... but Max arrived for the w/e so it was nice to meet him and no doubt we will have lots of fun and games with him... 

We had veggies with out meat today - (we did yesterday as well) and then we played and played  - videos were taken and as Max is here we will be able to upload so you can see them...

We went outside a few times today and are already so much more used to all the strange noises etc... lots of photos 

Friday 20 April

Marina thought I just looked too adorable not to put me up here - it is me white Lâme - i hope you agree with marina that I am really cute no?

Go and have a look at us playing with Mum ... that was such fun - we had a ball 

Today for the first time we ate in "individual" bowls... and if you have a look at the photographs you will see that Lymm (dark blue) haqs finsied hers and we still ALL have some left... no wonder she is soooooo fat!

Max put up the protection around the flower bed at the back so in between drops we had our first outing ... up a ramp onto mud, and grass... we could not stay long as the dark clouds soon came back but we did do it so there are a few photos to see ... 

Saturday 21 April

We are 6 weeks old today - and we were weighed again ...  see our puppy page for the update  and do not forget there arte those wonderful portraits of us taken when we were 3 weeks old ...on page 2.  (this is a cool photo of us eating colour coding again... but Marina has to always take Law away as, like her great granmtother she eats veeeeery slowwwwly)

Once again lots happened today - we went out as there was some sunshine and whilst we were out there with Mum playing, Marina took the box away so we came back to a new setting.  Yesterday she had given us the "rabbit warren" to go in and out of well Laho (purple) likes to sit on top of it - you will see her doing it in the photos that were uploaded... today she brought in something that rolls around and makes a strange noise... and then "boogey" man came in ... you will see lots of different photos ... Marina laughed a lot and we did not really mind (turned out to be Max but we knew that really!)

After all that we had a good rest before evening feed and then it was nithy night ... loads and loads of photos to see about all of the above!

Sunday 22 April

All 6 of us having a sleep after breakfast  ... little did we know that we would need ALL our strength... Why?  you may well ask... Marina took us to the fields with Max (who videod us) ...there are also some photos for you to look at.

We went all 6 of us (first photo is us in the box although you cannot see that we are all in there!) with Mum and great-granny Kelly... it is a 5 minute drive and we cried a little at the begnning but then were quiet and no one was sick and as Marina had asked each one of us to do "pipi" before we left there were no accidents... there was sunshine, hail, rain,,wind...  long grass and nettles - we did NOT LIKE THE NETTLES!!!!!  but it was fun fun fun ...

We came back exhausted for lunch and a LOOOOONG sleep.... after a quick cuddle with some of the Sunday Lunch Club... WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 26 April

Busy Busy Busy.... there is no other word... Marina has kept us on our toes ... she has moved up a gear or maybe even 2 in what we are doing ... going up and down a ramp to go pipi in the garden,- coming down is scarier than going up.. there are some photos  

Marina asks us to go out out to do so even when it is raining.. (although today we had lots of lovely sunshine and we even panted when in our outside pen it was so warm...  She is now even asking us to go out pipi in the garden in the dark... that is really a bit scary and we are not toooooooo suuuuure about that at aaaaalllll   but we still get newspaper for the night but at this rate for how much longer?  

What we have to tell though is that we can play in the garden too and there are lots of things to discover as well... 

Imaree (our 1/2 brother) is not at all sure about all of us girls ... well it is understandable as we keep on thinking that we can go suckle him (and he really does not like that at all) also we still have very sharp little teeth... 

... and finally Marina says we are getting it... that is is now only a matter of seconds before we glue our little paws to the ground and do not cry to get our food and be allowed out... 

Friday 27 April to Tuesday 1 May

Lots of things have been happening and Marina now also has a soar throat!  Anyway we were 7 weeks on Saturday and weights are up as usual as are some up to date portraits.

P1070241.jpgP1070243.jpgWe are spending a lot more time outside, the outdoor pen has been made bigger and we are going out for "pipi" and then we get to have a good run around and play.. Mum and Dad and some of the others join us sometimes..  we always always manage to explore the places we are not meant too (oops Marina is not happy about that!!!).  Oooh and you will be proud of us we have pretty much mastered the ramp both up and down! ..  And Fig got really cross with Laho ... you should have heard her scream ... we - the others - think she is a bit of a wimp, but then none of us have been told off by Fig... Mum and Dad do not really tell us off, Imaree and Purdey try to stay out of our way (or steal our toys) and Great Granny Kelly just ignores us.

We are really getting pretty good during the day and as long as Marina hears us asking to go out we can wait until we get to the grass ... the night is still another story - we still have newspapers and they are still pretty wet in the morning and we also looooooove to tear them up ... Marina has made our indoor pen smaller so as it is really only for sleeping (and a little play!!) .  

Marina can hardly move her right arm!! Tha is because of us once again ... 6 x +/- 5 kgs!!!! oooh yes , we have been going on little jaunts around the village in her arms - so far in addition to the streets and little stream, between us we have encountered joggers, cyclists, cars, loud motorbikes, the fair (at a distance) a nun, ducks, children and passers by, other dogs... 

We have also started going into other rooms in the house - here we are all in the kitchen  - talking of kitchen ... brings us to food and we are now such good little puppies we ALL wait quietly (all 4 paws on the ground) to get our food ... but then 4 of us just swallow/woolf (even when it is a chicken thigh we are quicker and more efficient!)  ... whereas Law and Laho are slow eaters (they seems to want to taste what they eat like Great Gran!) so they eat outside the pen... 

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