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Tuesday 10 April

How many of us in a box?  well we are nearly all there - Lymm in the end decided to do her own thing ... there are 2 more of these photos ulploaded ... Marina says she will ask one of the boys to wash the big box as well so that is is ready for us in a few days as we are continuing to grow nicely.

And this afternoon Marina had another workshop - with lots of kids and their Mum  (Dad and one of the brothers did not stay - but they came for a visit coz they are also actually taking one of us ... they seem really nice)...  and Marina said that ALL of them got 15/15 in their final Test:" Do you speak dog now"?   here are a few photos of some of them with us  ...

... looks like it is a lovely family that one of us will be going to .. 

Wednesday 11 April

Lots of new photos to check out … first of all we think our teeth are too sharp as Mum likes to open the bar less and less – and when she does she is doing it most of the time standing .. you will see a few of us climbing onto each other to get to her!  It is lots of exercise….

You will also see Dad came to have a little time with us and Mum settled then so we were able to drink normally – phew does make life easier!

There are also 2 photos of some of us with our toys!

The big event today was that at lunchtime we received PIECES of chicken so we had to chew … and that was really hard work for some of us .. although Lymm seems to have mastered it and is getting quite plump!!!   You can see photos of us chewing away!

Thursday 12 April

Marina had another workshop today... apparently Maud has been here before when she was a little younger and Fig had her puppies... her Dad has Imaree's brother Izy ... it was nice to meet her .. there are some photos to see of her with us after the workshop ... she wanted to stay and play with us and we enjoyed chewing her fingers and toes as well.

Friday 13 April

quiet time with Mum - it is so nice when Mum stays with us ... and we can cuddle up to her like this  there are a few more photos with Mum and then one where we black girls are surrounding Lâme...

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April


We are 5 weeks old today but only got something new  ... apparently it is called a water bowl... well a part from one of us so far who decided to have a bath we have actually figured it out and have had a drink we have learnt how to lap ... yest nother new experience ... so much to learn and so little time...

Marina weighed us (again) .. should you be intereted the new weights are on the first puppy page 

Miranda and Beetle (daugther and son in law) have come over from London (no Ollie this time) so there are some new photos of us playing together ... have a look and enjoy

Monday 16, Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 April

So much has been happening, Marina has had no time to update our diary... she put this bottle for us to play with...

Well first of all Marina decided that we were "old" enough to no longer need our "sun" lamp so that went ... then Freddy went to get some extra gates so she enlarged our puppy pen inside and built a mini one outside as well as putting the barrier up so that we will not fall down the wall (we have not been there yet) ... so we went outside twice today Wednesday in the sun shine it was lovely heard real airplanes and birds and dogs barking as well as the wind blowing a little it was all a bit strange - Law was the one who listened the most to what was going on... Marina had put lots of photos up for you to look at 

We said lots going on we also had our first bones yesterday... there was a lot of meat on them but we certainly tore away at it really happily and then chewed for a whoie on the bones until Mum came in and after a while finished them for us.

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring .. although we know that Max is arriving so that will probably mean moooooore excitement

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