.. great to watch "Canine Conversation" in action through Marina and all her happy and relaxed dogs, very inspiring!

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Tuesday 3 April

A part from the day we were born this must be the biggest event so far in our lives ... Marina put a pen up and cut open the box so we ventured outside ... that was so scary at first for some of us ... actually Loma (light blue) and Laîme (red) stayed in the box - for quite a while - fast asleep and oblivious to this momentous experience... and when they woke up they just sauntered out to the bar!

By now we are pretty used to it and take it all in our stride... Marina says that this new fancy pen is not that good as the opening will allow us our much too soon if it stays open so mum no longer has peace and quiet and access when she chooses ... so Marina thinks that the other pen will be brought in over the Easter w/e!  She says that also this is fine for the moment but probably a little small for our needs once we start "motoring" around the place... this is 2 of us in the new"basket" we have sort of learnt how to get in and out although some of us still try the "high jump"!  (Please note that we are the 2 first borns! Lymm and Law!)

There are lots of photos uploaded so you can see our new world!

We also SAW and smelt Mum eat a piece of chicken and we all thought that looked and smelt delicious - we cannot wait to try!

Wednesday 4 April

Well we thought yesterday was busy... today was just non stop ... we met everyone in the pack (start with Imarre last photo on tha page) ... they came sniffing and stayed around whilst we got on with the important business of growing...

Then Marina decided that she wanted to use a different pen - so Freddy was delegated to go get them at the bottom of the garden and hose them down wash them etc... then came the taking away and putting in with Alex' help this afternoon... but all went smoothly and we are all 6 still here in one piece.

Now will you look at these teeth?  poor Mum!  we think Marina is going to start us on meat pretty soon..

There are lots of photos uploaded - you will see we have started playing for "real" not only with each other but with the toys Marina has given us!

Thursday 5 April

Marina had the first workshop ... so most of the time they were next door in the living room Mum went in there as well as all the other dogs which just past by our pen...and the young man met each one in turn  including Mum...

After a little while we woke up and Mum came in to open the bar and the lovely young man came to sit with us - when we had finished eating he gently played with us and cuddled us and we just climbed all over him - his toes were good to eat!!

The other big event (Marina just keeps showing us new things can we keep up?) was that we tasted and looooooooved some of Mum's meat.  What happened was that whilst she was eating her lunch, Marina put some on her fingers and we just licked it all off - we'll have more of that thank you ....  

Thursday 5 April conitnued

well Marina did give us some more meat .... it is just sooooo good  ... and just to show you how much we loved it here are 2 photos of Lymm ... do we think she overdid it?P1060705.jpgP1060704.jpg

Good Friday

Well today was another experience - Marina put the meat in this gynormous bowl (Michou who has our grandmother Cash very kindly lent it to Marina) and we just surrounded it and licked away - she did this 3 times today and it was just sooo good - we thought it was already Easter  - cause no choccy eggs for us dogs - it is "poison" to us.

We are really starting to be able to focus much better and some of us can even follow and catch a ball!

It was a beautiful sunny day so the door to the terrace was open and the other dogs came visiting a few times - Marina managed to get a photo of Lâme having a "conversation" with Purdey.. the others came in as well but Marina was not ready with camera ... maybe tomorrow ..

Saturday 7 April

Today we had Rachel and Brent come visit - they sometimes come and dog sit when Marina goes away for a few days - so they know Mum and the rest of the pack very well - Rachel had a really soft spot for Lucie ...not that she does not like puppies too of course ... specially us as we are sooooo cute..

We started hearing strange noises today... there is normally what Marina calls classical music playing but today there were these noises (very faint but we did hear some..) the noises apparently come from a special CD to start us getting used to all sorts of different sounds.. as they were still very faint we are not sure what they all were ... so it will be a surprise when they become louder.

We are continuing to enjoy our daily feeds - we now get "served" meat 3 times a day and Mum still opens the bar...

Marina has put newspaper down and we are trying to pee and poo just there but not very good at that yet but we do not soil our box at all!

One of us decided we needed peace and quiet and she took herself off with little "hedgehog" into the box - bliss!

Easter Sunday and Monday

Look at our tails - Mum had been away for sooooo long ... starvation had set in... even though we are getting some 800grs of meat between us every day now we still like Mum's milk!!

A few photos have been uploaded ...

Monday we had lots of visits - Freddy came to puppy sit in the morning and then we had Joe and Dan come calling - and then Agnieszka who like Cousin Judy has one of there "pro" cameras came by with Johan (we are still waiting for the photos ... she is never happy with them!) so that you can see them but we are sure they will be terrific!!

And after that a young couple came by to meet us as well ... so lots of new faces and smells and voices...!

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