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Monday 26 March

We now all have open eyes and are moving like "lightening" across the box.. something new has appeared in the corner of our whelping box ... it is a smaller box (apparently it had champagne bottle in it at one time ... but now it just has a comfy blanket) .. we have only done a little bit of exploring so far but no doubt Marina will leave it there over the next few days for us to investigate...

Marina removed 2 of the 3 bars that go around the whelping box so that we can no longer go into our favourite corners but some of us still manage some pretty interesting positions!

In the next few days we will also start to hear things... and that is going to seem very odd...

Tuesday 27 March

This is day 16 - so it was the last day for the Neurological Stimulation .. we have started scratching, nosing each other ...I think we are starting to hear things as well as see ... as we tend to look towards the door when Marina comes in... Mum has had a relaxing day ... do not worry she is very good and opens the bar regularly for us - so we hare not starving ... well you can judge for yourselves from the belly on white (Lâme)... Dad came in with Mum and Marina to say hello - he was not yet allowed to sniff us but we saw him very clearly and he is really quite dashing... Purple ((Laho) is nearly the same colour as he is... 

Marina had the door to the garden open for some of the time in the afternoon so we had lots of warm sunshine in the room... but we cannot go out and enjoy it all yet... so much to discover

We have played a little with the cardboard box and marina is going to put a 2nd one in there when Mum is "out gallivanting " 

Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 March

We have some company as you can see from these 2 photos ... Marina says that that way when Mum leaves us we do not feel too alone... we are becoming so very active - we sort of play with each other and we really move around the box.. it will not be long now before we get the bigger play pen .. Yipee ...   


You may not see it because of the "sunlamp" but we have a new cover i the box ! it is bright red and very fancy ... us black girls really stand out

We have also started to hear a lot better and we are staring to vocalise now and then - one of us barked today!! 

We carry on putting on weight - Marina says she hopes to update on Saturday as we will be 3 weeks then .. and after that she will normally not weigh us on a daily basis any longer...

A few new photos have been uploaded.

Friday 30 March

Today we had the visit of the OSTEOPATH just to check that everything was alright - She said we were all fine in terms of any latent hip problems if anything we were a pretty star litter !! Just 2 of us had a little tightness her and there which Anne Pascale released ... so we all had a very good sleep after that .. Not that we want to point any fingers but she said that Lymm (blue) and Law (green) have very good bottom muscles!! 

Well they were the first 2 to start motoring so just goes to show what exercise can do !!

Oh and she did check on Mum - and she is all fine so we are obviously not stressing her toooooo much. We heard her say to Marina that we were a lovely healthy litter!! (well we knew that already!).

Marina has uploaded a series of photos taken this evening when Mum wanted to clean us and we wanted the bar open now!!!!! And Great grandmother kelly decides that Marina's bed is very comfortable whilst Mum has a nap in front of the fire (not lit yet) 

Saturday 31st March

We are 3 weeks today and weights have been updated and we are all doing well.

Some news photos of us "playing" have been uploaded - have a look  


Sunday 1 and Monday 2 April

So exiting we have LOADS of visitors ... first of all 4 people staying and they keep on coming to visit us and cuddle us - and q big man has a straw hat.. Mum barked a bit when she saw that but then saw it was Marina's Cousin Charles' .. she just needed to smell to make sure.. Freddy was asked to look after us whilst the Sunday Lunch Club (SLC) went to the neighbours for lunch (apparently due to our prescence there is not enough room here)


and then the "SLC" all came to say hello as well ... Marina says that now we are 3 weeks we are allowed indeed she encourages lots of visitors  so I guess we will be seeing (still gets a bit blurry for the moment) lots more people.

Big news! Loma (light blue)'s teeth have come through - poor Mum that's going to be tough on her ... 

Here are 2 photos of Cousin Judy and friend Paula cuddling us in our box... in the meantime there are a few to look at here.

Also Cousin Judy is an amateur "professional" photographer - she took a portrait of each of us - click here to see each one of us 

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