.. great to watch "Canine Conversation" in action through Marina and all her happy and relaxed dogs, very inspiring!

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Where to start?

Well what an experience this has been so far – 7 of us just popped out quickly one after the other in just over 2 hours!  It started at 1 minute past midnight with Lymm (dark blue) popping out… and ended with Lâme (white) at 2:11am. We weighed between 305 and 405 grammes and measured +/- 20cms.

Once out, it just happened so quickly, Mum - I am sure you have seen pictures and will agree that she is BEAUTIFUL – licked and licked so the sacs opened and we gasped for air… she then bit our umbilical cords off  … and then before we knew what was up, the 2 legged person Marina – helped by our friend Francoise (who is also the 2 legged person’s friend) picked us up to weigh us and tie a coloured ribbon around our necks .. after which we were placed back with Mum and could just snuggle up to her and drink her delicious milk.. when the next one arrived we were sometimes temporarily moved out of the way but we were such a good team Mum and all the pups that it did not last long and we were soon back suckling.

We are now 6 girls – the only boy decided he did not like the idea of being on earth so he is now in doggy heaven … he went in the night of Saturday/Sunday – quietly in his sleep in the corner of the whelping box (that‘s what Marina the 2 legged person calls it) under a warm light, he could not suckle as we do, so he was bottle fed and he took some milk and then went to his corner and fell asleep … at some point in the early hours of Sunday morning he left us  …he is buried in the garden

Sunday 11 March

So Sunday we just “relaxed” .. (of course we were weighed and had all lost a bit since birth – but Marina the 2 legged person was not worried – it is apparently normal to loose on the first day).  Mum was a little stressed she wondered who we were .. what we were doing here?  I do not think she could quite believe she had produced these utter beauties that we are - even if we look a little piggy for the moment, especially us “blondes”, and cannot see or hear (but let us not worry about these little details). So every so often she picked us up because we would whine and then of course we would whine more and she really did not know what to do.. but fear not Marina  the 2 legged person ever vigilant (do you know she sleeps next door to us “just in case”)… came to our rescue and Mum stopped worrying and put us back down…

We are at the bar and Mum is realxing...

Monday 12 March

Monday came and more weighing (apparently this will go on for a while everyday and then will be down to once or twice a week!) ..

and then the 2 legged person did something very strange … apparently this is going to happen for the next 2 weeks or so – day 3 through day 16 – she called it "Early Neurological Stimulation".  Apparently this is going to help us later in life … we will cope better with all things human – which of course we have great difficulty understanding. 

Dad popped his head round the door “just checking that we are all fine” – he is very good looking too (I know you are going to say we cannot see but we know these things!!)

(NB - for those interested to read a bit more about Early Neurological Stimulation - there is a 6 page PDF in the Document Section 

Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 March

Tuesday has been more of the same and we have all continued to put weight on so are progressing well… ooooh forgot to tell you and although as you know we cannot see we know these things – Mum had her chicken quarter (we think she did  yesterday as well as she seems to eat at least 5 times a day) and there is a picture of her enjoying it… it apparently is all because of us!!! It will help with producing more milk for us  … Yeah… we like the sound of that !! so Mum eat lots of those!!!!

Wednesday has just been another great day ... Mum's milk is just too good - she's been eating those bits of chicken again - one of us reached 1/2 a kg today!!!!! It is Loma (light blue) but then she is just sooo pushy when it comes to being at the best seat at the bar! She just pushes to get where she wants....but Marina keeps a careful eye to make sure we all get a proper seat ... we are becoming very mobile around the box and like to climb over-under-on top of the rails  great fun...also pilling over each other behind the rails that too we enjoy.. the "stimulation" thing was done this evening and no complaints from anyone but Laîme who just decided this was not on and complained during the whole +/- 30 seconds and dear oh dear can she be loud...just finished another stint at the bar off to have a well deserved nap... check out some of the photos there are some of us exercising and some lovely ones of Mum too

Thursday 15 March

What exitment - lots of us have reached 500grs or more - Marina says she will post everyone's weight on Sunday .. so we can tell you there is even more of a scramble to get to Mum than there has been to date.. and Mum just takes it all in her stride.. although today it was such a lovely day she went oustude and sunbathed a little whilst Marina did some planting on the terrace.. it was so warm outside that we even had the door open for a little while to let some fresh air in ... (the sunlamps were still on though just in case and Marina kept on coming in to check room and whelping box temparatures!).  Mum did not leave us for long and we did not starve ... although the way LaÎme (red) carries on you would think she is never fed!  Another first today - we had our toenails cut - apparently thei has to be done so that we do not hurt Mum when we go "drinking" - and you know the humans are right "caus" our little nails are pretty sharp!!

Now please everyone click here to see all the wonderful photos of us doing our bar work - we are sooo good at it now... we particularly like the synchronised one (we are thinking of going to the Olympics with that move we think it is so good!!!!).

Wonder what tomorrow will bring...  

Friday 16 and Saturday 17 March

We have been busy - and saw some new faces - Alex is back from university for 1 month and is going to come and help Marina from time to time and "puppy-sit" us so that she can go off and do things (like shopping etc..).  We are growing bigger and stronger everyday and have started putting weight on our back legs - so we are swimming a little less and are starting to look a little more like dogs.  We also have started every so often interacting with each other a little more.  Mum's milk is just delicious and we loooove being at the bar... she has lots and lots but we still vie for best seat in the house.  Friday evening there were quite a few people looking through the dining room door at us (I know we cannot see yet but as we have said before we know these things) and then again today 2 gentlemen "came a calling"... apparently they may be interested in a one of us..

There are lots of new photos of us so please have a look at them ... (there is one of Mum on Marina's make shift bed on the living room sofa - she obviously feels that that is very comfortable).  Until tomorrow

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