... I went away feeling even more respectful of this amazing and intelligent animal that us humans have the privilege of caring for....

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Tuesday 20 March

We have been so busy these last few days just no chance to update you all - Marina has noted the weights on the first puppy page... you will have seen that despite constant movement around the box (slight exageration!!!) we have done well on the weight front but then Mum's milk is still so delicious we just love it ... our tummies are getting nice and plump... we had our nails cut again today and Marina keeps on doing these "strange" Dr Battaglia stimulations with us ... but we are getting more used to it al (even if having our heads point downwards for 3 seconds is really not much fun.. But then we get to go tp the bar straight afterwards so that is just great. We ar getting good at putting more weight on our legs so we swim a little less and are looking less "piggy" like . - we wish Mum would make the bar available 24/7 - we think she is a litle mean ... her milk is just sooooo good!

We should be opening our eyes soon... wonder who will be first?

Thursday 22 March

P1060507.jpgSpring is here and for the moment so is the weather - it is sooo lovely out there that Marina has left the door open for us to get some fresh air - but she takes no risks the "sun" lamp(s) stay on. 3 of us have gone over the 1 Kg mark! but none of us have opened our eyes yet.. although Marina thinks that 1 or 2 of us have them less tightly squeezed together ... keep watching this space.  There are a few new photos - more hopefully over the w/e including maybe even a short viedo as we are as fast as lightening now!!

On the pack front - Lucie who was given a special "w/e pass" to visit us has decided to carry on her journey else where - we miss her funny face with bat ears and twinkly eyes - to know more click here

Friday 23 March

4 of us have opened our eyes!! still 2 to go - the 4 are red(Laîme) , light blue (Loma) white (Lâme) and green (Law).  Dark blue (Lymm) is not far behind and in fact we thought she would have been the first as this morning she had partially opened one.. but she has not . maybe she did not like what she saw...but she is the one who is nearly walking properly!

the not so good news is that we all have a bit of a runny tum tum and the perfume is not so very nice even though Mum keeps on cleaning up after us .. let's hope we get better tomorrow

sorry no photos today 

Saturday 24 March

Well well well - all of us bar purple (Laho) have opened our eyes ... and Dark Blue (Lymm) the first born can walk ... she cannot stay up very very long but she is managing well ... We are 2 weeks today and are now all over the 1kg mark .  Marina has updated the first page again with details.  Catherine has been puppy sitting for the past 2 days and we have had lots of cuddles and fun with her .. including Lymm (Dark Blue) pooing all over her this evening! 

Mum tells us that Dad might come and visit us soon - they met again in the garden today and she says he is really very good looking.

Marina also uploaded a few other fun photos - hopefully a video tomorrow!!

Sunday 25 March

We have now all opened our eyes and most of us can walk around not for long as we still fall over but we are getting better.  We have also started licking each other, scratching ourselves and seeking each other's company.

Mum spent some time outside in the sun today and had a little gentle play with Imaree (last photo).  Imaree is acutally our 1/2 brother as we have the same Dad - he is going to be 3 years old in June and Mum and he are good friends as Mum says she was "nanny" (2nd video) to him and his siblings when they were pups..

Mum is spending some time relaxing away from us now only coming back into the whelping box to clean us up and to feed but she is never far from us so we feel perfectly safe.. 

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