I'm more calm & relaxed in the relation with my dog

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PDTE members
Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE) : An international network founded by Turid Rugaas to enhance the lives of dogs by amongst others things, promoting kind and dog-oriented training as well as advancing knowledge about dogs, their behaviour, communication and training. PDTE does NOT endorse prong, choke,spike spray or electronic collars nor does it support physical corrections or coercive methods (pinching, pushing, holding down..) or any fear and aversive techniques (discs, cans of stones, throwing water...). In all that the PDTE do, their main aim is the welfare of dogs. For this reason all the members commit to abide by a strict code of ethics.
Turid Rugaas : PDTE President Internationally acclaimed dog trainer, behaviourist and author - Norway. Turid has wirtten 3 easy to read book on calming signals, why dogs pull on the lead and why they bark - there are now DVD's covering most of these subjects as well. Please contact me should you wish to know more.
Winkie Spiers : PDTE Chair, dog trainer, behaviourist, Canine Bowen Therapist and author - London, England. She has written a very easy to read book " How to handle living with my dog" which I highly recommend).
Karen Webb : PDTE Board Member - UK. Karen's aim is to improve the lives of dogs and their owners through education, importantly, how to understand, communicate and work with dogs using only a natural and kind approach.
Anne-Lill Kvam : PDTE member, International dog trainer, behaviourist and author - Norway. Anne Lill has written an easy to follow book on nose work (the kingdom of scent)
Raili Halme : PDTE, Country Representative Finland - Founder of Dog-oriented Dog and Behaviourist
Rosie Lowry : PDTE member, dog behaviour counsellor and author - Warwickshire, England. Rosie has written "understanding the silent communication of dogs" an easy to read short book full of important information - also highly recommended.
Sally Hopkins : PDTE member - Dog trainer and behaviourist with special emphasis on stress-reducing "games". Her website is full of easy to do ideas. Worcestershire - England
Paulina Druri : PDTE, Country Representative France - Behaviourist based near Paris
Sonja Hoegen : PDTE Treasurer and Country Representative Germany - dog trainer and behaviourist
Nelis Verhoeven : PDTE, dog trainer and behaviourist - Holland
Ria Caeyers : PDTE Associate member - Belgium
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