..... the workshop helped me to realise that we should think more in terms of how dogs see and experience our actions, our communication...  

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Various training sessions

Training with my dogs is meant to be fun for them and me - if it is not then it means I am doing something wrong... Training is the icing on the cake ... and I sometimes need to remind myself that 1 dog is not the other and that age and even maturity has nothing to do with it but that it is all down to the particular dog's acceptance of my role as leader outside the den... but when that happens then we can have a ball!


Imaree - at +/-13 months - "learning the ropes"  - he is still to young to train as part of the group as that would put undue pressure on him... 

Imaree - being the youngest - still trains on his own ... too many distraction otherwise...        
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