.... Three months on, the difference is truly amazing....

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Fig and Taxawax's puppies - born June 2009

During the night of 1 and 2 June 2009 - 6 puppies were born .. this year they all have to have names beginning in "I" the following names were chosen  

  • Green boy - IMAREE will stay that way 
  • Red boy - IMMNE will be called Yuki - he now lives in Brazil .....yes you read correctly in BRAZIL!!!! and has become a Dad himself... more to follow
  • Pink girl - IRAH will be called Lola
  • Light blue girl - ISAREE will be called Indi short for Indiana
  • He is in doggy heaven watching over us
  • Cream boy - ISE (pronounced "ease") will be Isy

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Taxawax and Fig Fig a few hours before the event Tax checking that the whelping box is ready! the first few days - red light is due to infra red lamp breakfast or is it lunch ot maybe even teatime!
meeting Nanny Haime afternoon rest what's up? the 3 boys sleeping Haime looking in ...
just toooooo good for words we like each other's company for once Lola is not on top! time for an individual cuddle time for an individual cuddle
Yuki and one of the knotted towels life is pretty good i just love to sleep (lola) investigating! you saying something?
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